Examples of Our Work

  • Gaming Desktop Gaming Computer
    Shot of a Gaming Machine w/ Blue Neons, featuring Roccat® peripherals.

Gaming Desktops:

Whether you are trying to show off at a LAN party, or just want the most Frames Per Second out of the latest games, we've got you covered. In our experience, gamers usually know exactly how they want their computer to be built. Think of it as a DIY build, without all the hassle!

  • Media Center Media Center Computer
    Media Center computers come in all sizes, from Full-Tower to Mini-ITX.

Media Centers:

Ready to be slid into an entertainment center, or be the center of attention themselves, media center machines come in all shapes and sizes. Organize your movies, tv shows, and music into a single library, ready for use during parties or quiet evenings at home, standing out as much or as little as you want.

  • Server Server
    Home Minecraft Server build, 32GB of RAM allows for the running of 2 VM's, both running a Minecraft server.


Servers can be built modestly, made for running a small home domain, or as an Active Directory, DNS, and DHCP server for small to medium businesses. They can also be loaded down with RAM and processors and used as gaming servers or Virtual Machine workhorses. The possibilities are endless!