Welcome to MoldySpore Computers

We specialize in quality, personalized, upgradable solutions for a wide variety of applications!

Picking who to buy a computer from nowadays is like being lost at sea with no land in sight! Do you buy online? How about at a brick-and-mortar? Name brand? Your neighbor Steve...he builds computers, right?

Here at MoldySpore Computers, we strive to give you that sweet-spot, middle of the ground option. More reputable than Steve, with a bigger focus on customer service and "bang for your buck" pricing than the large PC vendors. You might be asking yourself, "What does the world need with a small, custom PC guy anymore?", in which case, we say GOOD DAY to you sir. WE SAID GOOD DAY!

Now that the naysayers are gone, we can tell you that MoldySpore Computer's are built using the highest quality parts, backed by strong manufacturer warranties. All of our machines are created with an upgrade path in mind, and are fully customizable. We will NEVER sell you something you don't need! We specialize in servers, gaming rigs, HTPCs, and media center computers, but if you need a build on a budget, we can do that too! Whatever you need your computer to do, we will work with you directly to get you the machine you want, for the price you need.

Not a power user? Not a problem! MoldySpore's Awesome Remote Service is there for you! Sign up for a MARS Subscription, which provides off-hours (5pm - 2am EST) remote assistance and support for your MoldySpore Computer during the hours that matter most (your off hours!). Get peace of mind from annoying problems, because we're a click away!MARS! Picked up some spyware? Ain't no thang! Weird error messages? Nobody's got time for that! Who installed this genitalia-based Windows theme? Who Cares!? Don't sweat the small stuff, thanks to MARS and MoldySpore Computers!